Thomas McLaughlin

Ok, I quit drinking 24 years ago, recently "re-quit" smoking, but chewing "nico" gum like crazy, dentist said it'll cause cavities, so I replied, "you can't drill out a few cancers can you?"

So I'm totally addicted to Time Warp, the classic alternative music show on 89X FM hosted by Cristina on Sunday mornings from 8AM to noon. If you like The Cure, U2, Depeche Mode, REM, Clash, New Order, Smiths, Ramones, then you owe it to yourself to stream it at and treat yourself to the mastery of Cristina's musical catalog, you'll thank me.

The landlord who thinks I've only got 2 cats was coming over to inspect the appartment. My co-worker said, "you've got 4 cats, which two are you going to hide in the closet?" To which I replied, "I can't do that because that's where I'm hiding all the fireworks."

So I step onto the motivational talking bathroom scale and it exclaimed, "one at a time please", that's when I decided to lose 3 or 30 pounds this year. One of these days I'll skip chasing the cats around the apartment with the vacuum cleaner and take a nice afternoon nap.

Yeah, it's a safe bet I'm going to remain single for a long, long time. In the mean time, please enjoy your visit to my photo albums. Please download anything that strikes your fancy, all free to use, just credit me.